Looking for Something More Potent?

Looking for Something More Potent?

Try a concentrated cannabis wax in Medicine Park, OK

Have you been enjoying your bud in flower form but are curious to try something different? Cannabis wax is a great alternative that offers all the benefits of flowers but is more potent.

Cannabis extracts in the form of wax or THC oil cartridges are becoming a growing trend. If you want to try an alternative consumption method, The Healing Clinic LLC has a variety of extracts and vapes to choose from. Our dispensary in Medicine Park, OK offers a variety of medical marijuana products to suit many needs.

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Vaping is more discrete than other consumption methods

If you're concerned about discretion when consuming medical marijuana, vaporizers are a great solution. They usually offer a purer and almost odorless hit that is far less noticeable than flower. When you visit The Healing Clinic in Medicine Park, OK, you'll find a selection of indica and sativa THC oil cartridges to choose from based on your needs.

Cannabis wax and extracts come in a variety of different forms, such as:

  • Rosin: Created using heat and compression to produce a sticky substance.
  • Tinctures: Distilled in alcohol for weeks and then strained for consumption.
  • Oils: Come in many types, like THC honey oil, CO2 extracted oil and distillate oil.
  • Honeycomb: Has a sticky consistency similar to peanut butter or molasses.
  • Shatter: A BHO concentrate that provides a long-lasting experience.

If you're new to the world of vaping and waxes, our bud tenders are happy to educate you. We also carry batteries and hardware for vaporizers. We always strive to provide the best non-habit-forming pain relief solution, whether that's with a pure bud or a more concentrated extract.

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