Looking for a New Way to Consume Cannabis?

Looking for a New Way to Consume Cannabis?

Learn more about our THC edibles in Medicine Park, OK

Marijuana edibles are an incredibly popular alternative to smoking. With a number of different benefits, ingesting edibles is also a healthier alternative than smoking as it doesn't affect your lungs.

The Healing Clinic LLC carries a variety of THC edibles, including chocolate and gummies. We also carry tinctures and water-soluble tonics that can be mixed in any drink.

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Discover the benefits of edibles

Why choose THC edibles over flower or vaping? Choosing the right medical marijuana product is a personal decision. Your needs are unique, and The Healing Clinic wants to provide you with the best possible option. We carry a variety of different extracts, flower and edibles at our dispensary in Medicine Park, OK. Many people opt for marijuana edibles because they:

  • Are more discrete and lack the cannabis scent
  • Provide long-lasting effects (up to 6-8 hours)
  • Are easy to consume throughout the day for relief
  • Offer a strong dose that's ideal for cancer treatments

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